Aiming for the Win with i2 & Breakthrough Conversations

i2 Construction’s President, Scott Farrell, recently sat down with Liz Landrum from Culture Counts to discuss what ‘Aiming for the Win’ during conversations looks like at i2. You can explore the conversation and a snippet of the Breakthrough Conversations article below.

Aiming for the Win

Sometimes when we start conversations, we’re upset. Emotions are high. We may be connected to what we don’t want but haven’t yet clarified what we DO want. This is a tough way to begin a productive and open dialogue.

The i2 team recently went through the Breakthrough Conversations program with Culture Counts. They teach a simple, yet powerful question to ask as a way to focus for success: They ask, “In this conversation, what does a win look like for you?”

Scott Farrell, President of i2 Construction, recently shared his experience as a leader using this question with team members when they come to him for support. By inviting them to share what a win would look like, he’s able to quickly disarm charged emotions, focus himself and the other person in a productive way, and create a meaningful human connection in the process. 

Thank you to the Culture Counts team for hosting this conversation. If you would like to learn more about Breakthrough Conversations and the skills they teach for creating wins together, please click here