• Safety

“Safety is for Our Family” is More than Just Words

At i2 Construction safety is practiced 24/7, 365 days a year. Our number one responsibility is to keep customers and our team members safe and healthy. Nowhere is this more evident than in our daily operations. Every new employee actively participates in extensive safety training before stepping foot in the field and is rewarded for their true commitment to safe practices. Safety is a priority at the corporate level, staff level, project level and the trades/worker level.

Our industry partners, our employees, and the employees of our subcontractors, are our most precious resource. The best way we can protect this resource is to promote, from the top down, that providing a safe work environment is not an option, it’s the only option, to maintain a safe, accident-free environment.

As such, i2 Construction’s EMRs (limited by the size of our company and total employee hours) for the last eight years are:

  • 2022 .72
  • 2021 .73
  • 2020 .80
  • 2019 .77
  • 2018 .77
  • 2017 .71
  • 2016 .71
  • 2015 .75

Corporate/i2 Program

In early 2011, i2 Construction, working with Miller Safety Consulting, Inc. implemented a new safety program for our all projects. The senior management team and company owners are committed to maintaining safe and healthy working environments for every employee. In addition to the corporate program, i2 Construction has a comprehensive drug testing program for new hires and existing employees to ensure the safety and health of everyone in our employment.

i2 Project Specific Program(s)

Every project we are involved with is unique. For this reason, we have adopted the practice of developing a safety program custom tailored to the risks, dangers and unique circumstances found on each project.


i2 Construction believes that our people, safely performing their duties, are our most valuable asset. We are sincerely interested in the safety and welfare of each and every employee involved with the construction of all our projects, as well as the safety of the public that comes in contact with any of our jobsites. For each project, we develop a safety program designed to prevent accidents. The program will be promoted and enforced to maintain safe working conditions and safety consciousness among every individual associated with the construction of projects.

Goals & Objectives

i2 Construction’s principal goal is to safely construct quality facilities. Each i2 Construction project strives to achieve three set objectives:

• Safe, quality production
• 100% OSHA compliance
• Zero accidents

Creating a culture of safety also requires an internal commitment from i2 Construction at all levels. Our management gives safety the same importance as providing quality work, finding efficiencies and making a profit. Our families come first.