• Community Engagement

Since our inception, i2 Construction in Denver has exemplified a continued commitment to community investment and charitable support. Over the past five years, we have supported over $250,000 in donations through our annual golf tournaments and community projects, making a positive impact on the neighborhoods we serve.

Through our partnerships with local charities, we and our employees have demonstrated an unwavering dedication to giving back. Whether it’s organizing fundraisers, participating in volunteer efforts, or contributing resources to meaningful causes, i2 Construction consistently strives to create a positive change within our community. Furthermore, we offer PTO two times a year for our employees to give them time to support the causes that are meaningful in their lives.

By closely aligning our business values with philanthropic endeavors, i2 Construction has fostered a culture of giving that extends beyond our construction projects. Through our hands-on involvement and financial support, we have solidified our reputation as not only a construction leader but also a compassionate supporter of the Colorado community.