• Culture

i2 Construction’s Culture

At i2 Construction, we believe our culture is what sets us apart. Our team members have constructed a culture of upholding the values and mission of the company, along with building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients. We encourage ourselves to constantly learn about the newest innovations in the industry and add to our skills. We take pride in our team’s work and always doing the right thing for our clients.

A Shared Culture

The future of construction will be more collaborative than ever, requiring partnerships between many participants. Our culture goes beyond the i2 Construction office as it is shared by our talented and valued industry partners. We ensure that our values of respect, communication, integrity, and safety are prioritized with all industry partners on each project we undertake together.

“Culture is what you get when you mix guiding principles and people.”

“What drew me to i2 back in 2013 was the technology that they utilized and their niche in the TI marketplace. What has kept me at i2 is the culture. To this day, I am amazed at the culture that the leadership has built and how it has shaped me as a Senior Project Manager. There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel confident that i2 will support me in my professional role, as well as support my family. That is priceless to me.”

“I believe culture should be judged by how you feel on Sunday morning…are you already dreading your week, or are you excited? We strive for excited…maintaining a safe, fun, supportive, and inclusive environment where everyone is empowered to speak up and are respected for their contributions.”

 – Scott Farrell, President and Partner