• Industry Partners

All of our industry partners collectively play a vital role in each project we undertake. As a design build partner, you can expect when i2 Construction takes the role as the commercial general contractor we bring experience, connectivity and commitment to a safe work environment and quality work. We want to partner with you.

It’s your investment. Translating your vision and expectations into a successful build is our expertise. We deliver within the established timeframe, while showcasing expertise in budgeting, scheduling, and adept sub-contractor coordination.

With multiple projects on your hands, work with us to lower the burden. Our expertise lies in transforming your vision into successful builds, delivered on time, and underscored by our mastery in budgeting, scheduling, and skilled subcontractor coordination. Trust us to bring your vision to life seamlessly.

Ensuring the seamless alignment of your creative vision with construction expertise through effective and timely communication along with a proactive and honest approach to problem solving.

We want you to rely on us to give the best and most accurate advice to your construction project clientsFeel comfortable to include us in advising on office moves and relocation assignments.

We understand your long-term goals and provide quality construction that maximizes value for you and your customers.

We appreciate your partnership and the expertise you bring to our projects, while providing dependable schedules, prepared worksites, and consistent communication.