• Sustainability

    LEED Certified

Sustainability is at our core, and we walk the talk and can proudly say 100% of our project management staff is LEED AP certified. Sustainable construction practices continue to be a goal of i2 Construction since the company was founded in 1999. It is clear our customers care for the environment and are seeking companies supporting LEED certified/LEED consideration and green projects in Colorado and beyond.

During the design phase of the LEED projects, our goal will be to bring smart energy solutions and recycled material alternates to the table for the project team to integrate in planning. The products selected for the project and the level of LEED certification are determined with the property owner. Our sustainability expertise will help to provide accurate pricing and communicate schedule implications of the various options with recommendations for a smooth integration of LEED certified buildings.

During construction, our focus shifts to documentation of sustainable products, materials, and processes used throughout the project. i2 Construction’s certified professionals help guide you through the process of becoming LEED compliant through documentation, waste stream management, post-consumer content verification, minimal installation impact, inspection and verification, and air quality testing. We take care of all the green building details of your beautiful and sustainable tenant finish, so you don’t have to.