i2 Construction Named as One of the Top Commercial Contractors in Denver by Denver Architects

i2 Recognized as a Top Commercial Contractor 

i2 Construction is proud to announce that it has been featured in a Denver Architects’ article as one of the top commercial contractors in Denver, Colorado. Below is a short snippet of the article. To read the full article, click here.


For architecture students and enthusiasts, Denver is a great place to start real-life studies of human-centric and sustainable architecture. Aside from being one of the most walkable cities, Denver is also one of the top 30 greenest cities in the U.S. with thousands of commercial buildings carrying the city’s reputation on their gleaming exteriors. Such structures are made by local artisans, some of the best commercial contractors in Denver all of which currently make up this list. With decades of experience in the industry, these contractors are familiar with Denver’s usual architectural style and mixes their projects with the local culture by building environments that are human-centric and highlight intimate and comforting connections with the outdoors.

About i2 Construction LLP

I2 Construction LLP is most familiar for its dedication to building collaborative relationships with all of its clients and other organizations. Over the 22 years of its existence, this Denver-based firm has specialized in crafting complex commercial projects that range from elaborately designed corporate interiors, technical medical or laboratory facilities, and new building construction alongside exterior additions and improvements. Over the years it has received a multitude of recognitions such as Outside Magazine’s 2020 Best Places to Work award and the AIA’s Denver Design Awards’ 2016 Merit Award for interior architecture. Its work on HomeAdvisor’s new first-generation build-out on 36th and Walnut. In 152,000 square feet, this structure presents fun, modernistic yet retro elements in the game rooms, offices, even the conference rooms, and common spaces. Other fun and unique features include an enclosed playground-style indoor slide that ends right in front of a collection of communal games, activities, and the bar area. Alongside this includes two levels of large indoor gas fireplaces with a sitting area. Combining these features, the space works as a modern yet classic conversation and entertainment space.


ADDRESS: 15690 Parkerhouse Rd., Unit #2, Parker, CO 80134