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A Unique Office Transformation Focused on Innovative Design

DB Schenker is the transportation and logistics division of Deutsche Bahn. DB Schenker is one of the world’s largest transportation and logistics suppliers. i2 Construction collaborated with Ware Malcomb and our subcontractors/suppliers to renovate DB Schenker’s office and data room in Lakewood, Colorado. This phased/occupied 14,000 SF project involved a total interior repositioning which utilized innovative colors, materials and natural light in the facility’s new open plan.

Some of the key project elements include:

  • A unique use of shipping containers, gondolas, and reclaimed airplane materials for huddle rooms, personal work areas and meeting spaces
  • Reconfiguration and downsize of an existing 2,600 SF data center
  • Installation of a new lighting control system featuring sensors that integrate with roof solar tubes to provide even light levels depending on the amount of natural light throughout the day
  • Miscellaneous exterior modifications and coordination for additional windows, a new roof, and delivery/install access for shipping containers